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Hi guys, my name is Abbey, I'm an Australian model and student currently based in Milan. I'm here until the end of June 2013, after which time i return to Australia. I am very easy going, fit and cheerful, sexy and passionate. I love to hav fun. In my meetings my main focus is to make you feel excited, relaxed, and comfortable, and of course to make you feel totally orgasmic. 

Here is a nice review i received recently:

Private Escort - January 2013 – Debbie aka Abbey (Milan)

Italian based Australian Fashion Model that treats client as king

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The understanding for this adventure emerged later in the day, well after the session, at a Milanese Restaurant called Paper Moon.  As well as doing a good selection of delicious pasta dishes with local sauces, the restaurant is connected to the acting world and its name references the artifice in acting and performance.  The name of the restaurant prompted questions about artifice in the most intimate of performance arenas – the one on one performance of sex for payment.     Was that sigh genuine? Did that orgasm really happen? Can that smile mean she really enjoyed?   Sometimes a great performer can inhabit the role and there is no artifice, because the role becomes them.  In the performance for this review, the moons weren’t made of paper and the performance was at the highest level, with a reality and connectedness that only the best can achieve - a true Monica Bellucci level performance.   As with many great adventures, this one almost didn’t happen. Her screening process initially came across as rudeness, but was really only a form of self protection and I was fortunate to persist, as her statement in her advertising...the client is king…was true.     Also, finding her on the outskirts of Italy’s Milan in the suburb of San Guiliano Milanese, near the Milan Linate airport, was an ordeal that almost prevented our meeting.  She had texted directions in Italian, to pass to the taxi driver, but the sad taxi driver still managed to get lost, even with additional assistance from three frustrating calls to her for directions.  Eventually finding her made the difficulties worthwhile and the complications unimportant.   The final obstacle of locating her in a new block of flats without room numbers was the last and least of the hurdles, as being an Australian, hers was the only flat with a kangaroo on her front door.   When the door opened, she was a firecracker.  She was lanky, tall and greeted in black high heels, with explosive red bra paired with matching panties, plus a welcoming smile, topped with long brunette hair in a pony tail – just how I liked it, tied back ready for messy sex.   She had a gorgeous and angular face, with one of the best bodies - tall, lean, slightly tanned, with heavenly and petite natural breasts.  It was not surprising that she was also a fashion model attached to a major global fashion magazine - but then this was Milan.  She was originally from Queensland, but is unlikely to return to Australia in the near future, as Europe suits her life and lifestyle. She did make me wonder how Queensland is so skilled at producing many beautiful, enjoyable and engaging women.   She was also fantastic company and at the end of our session I didn’t want to leave.  She is one of those rare people that light up any room with their bubbling exuberance and obvious joy for living.  Her smile is big and genuine and her laugh

infectious.  In addition, I realised another reason for pursuing incall with private escorts, is the intimacy and candor of being welcomed into their world and also the exposure to some of the reality of their existence, especially when the room is her home and not a characterless hotel room.   The sex was amazing.  Inventive, instinctual and connecting, supported by her being polyamorous, as well as sexually adventurous and insatiable.  She possibly kept her black high heals on for the entire time we were together.  I love the look of a great looking tall woman enjoying the beauty and power of her body, naked except for a pair of high heels.   She is a great and involved performer that enjoys building and creating her excitement from the excitement of her partner.  Several times, I had to contain myself and the noises generated from our excitement, to keep peace with her neighbours.  Twice she had to smother my mouth to muffle my sounds of enjoyment.   After some playful introductory talk, I stripped to catch up to her semi nakedness.  Our kisses at the door indicated that she was a good kisser, something of an understatement, as she was a great kisser with excellent tongue on tongue action.     The kissing was so enjoyable, I initially forgot to explore her other delights, particularly her beautiful body, resulting eventually in a wonderful bout of oral on her, like her pussy was the last pussy in the world.     After she was satisfied, she asked me to lie back and let her do the driving.  Yes please, particularly given the skill of her tongue experienced with the kissing.  She serenaded my body with sensuous licks and soft sucks, upper neck, lower neck, left nipple, right nipple, belly button….and eventually testicles and cock.  There is something magic about an extremely beautiful woman having that glint of excitement in her eye, the moment she pops the head of the cock into her mouth.   Her oral on me seemed to go for an eternity and I still can’t understand how I managed to restrain myself from cumming, with the sight of this brunette beauty enjoying devouring my cock.  I wanted to save my cumming for some enjoyment of my cock in her pussy.  She eventually also wanted my cock in her pussy.   The other magic aspect about an extremely beautiful woman are the moments when she is furiously riding on top, cock deep inside her pussy.  This beautiful woman had a very tight pussy and seriously enjoyed riding on top, especially when I arched my back and lifted her body into London Bridge – me her horse, her the rider.  London Bridge will never be the same again.   After our first round, we chatted about Australia, Milan and Fashion, with the occasional massage on each other.   The second round commenced with more oral on her, before she spun around to seek my cock and also provide oral on me, for a sensual game of Sixty Nine.  While Sixty Nine is a very stimulating position, the thought of her beautiful body and heavenly breasts not being ravaged by my eyes, gave me an idea, so I spun around to kneel above her.  Gazing down on her beautiful body and heavenly breasts, with her fingers around my cock, my fingers in her pussy, the only possible outcome was an explosion that took my breath away - probably the best outcome, as this prevented me from screaming and waking the neighbours from their late Saturday afternoon haziness.   As a parting gift, she let me drool at the sight of this stunning, sexy girl with a fantastic body and comfort in her nudity, while she put the bidet to good use.     She is also very thoughtful and helpful and she drew a map with directions to the station for me to find a taxi to return me to central Milan. Fortunately, just as I was leaving, I realized that the envelope she had covered with the directions, was the same envelope that I had given her earlier with her money and I was about to walk out with the envelope still containing her money. Trust is a rare quality in this world.  In some ways this summed up the candour and sincerity of her and her world.  Her details are:   This wonderful girl advertises on late twenties Australian brunette model now based in Milan, references client is king in her advertising, tall, lean, real size eight, natural pert breast, shaved, long haired, blue eyes, contactable at +393421505395 or